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awkward comeback + kaizen
Thursday, January 12, 2017 // 0 XX

Assalamualaikum people on earth. I'm just grateful that there's still people stepping by. haha. so here's my awkward comeback, tada! so how's life? i'm having a holiday right now for about 20 days i guess, i dont wanna count.

actually i wanna write something regarding the article that i've read just now. its about continuous self improvement- its called kaizen method. kaizen comes from the word kai(change) and zen(wisdom). so from my understanding, if we wanna change, change with wisdom. simple.

this kaizen method is originated from Japan and is invented by Masaaki Imai. it teaches us "one minute principle" for our improvement. the rule is we must do a same task or more everyday for a minute at a fixed time. sounds simple right? for example, reading a book or article, exercise or whatsoever. you must know what you need to improve and how to improve and bang, just start!

It is absolutely something that everyone can do including the laziest person! just a minute a day! and dont forget to celebrate yourself for your persistency and achievement, this will actually makes you more enthusiast to improve yourself and eventually increase more times in doing the task. you'll get better inshaAllah :)

live is about changing and improving yourself, do note lose hope because life have no climax, its open for changes. *quoted from a lecturer*.

spend time wisely !
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