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Defining Success (Challenge on professional wiriting)
Wednesday, June 3, 2020 // 0 XX

What is success? Does that sounds familiar to you? Do you ever stumble to this question and ponder deeply about it? If you ask me, then the answer is YES. It always circulate inside my brain but my answer to this question is still vague and I think hey it is okay. Maybe this has become my life's purpose ie to find my success. A verse in a song goes "who i am and who i wanna be cannot connect." It made me realise that success is achieved when we become the person that we wanted to be. And this triggers a new question ie "What kind of person do you want to be?". Recently, I read a book called IKIGAI which mainly focuses on the searching of ultimate purpose and to live that purpose and attain happiness. In a simple word, IKIGAI is the combination of doing what you love, you are good at, you benefit others and you gain rewards by doing it. So, I realise that I want to be rich so that I can contribute to whom in needs and also my family and friends. The story of Ustaz Ebit Lew is really inspiring I would love to follow in the future. Having materialistic wealth is a definitely a blessing but I think the more pivotal aspect is to be rich in soul ie that being generous within the capacity that we have. Apart from being rich, I also want to be an IT expert but still unsure in what field because I think I have diverse interest and learned amazing things and at once contribute to the society. I simply wish to be enthusiast to what I am doing and grow further in this industry. Although I am aware that I will face challenge and maybe failure in the future, I know that this all will be worth it. I aspire to make huge contribution to the company and even to the IT industry. Having writing this makes me feel hopeful and better so let us all attain our own SUCCESS!

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